This site is dedicated to all the great Dads and Grandpas of the world. Not just the Fathers and GrandFathers who are famous but the Dads who have improved the world by giving of themselves and by raising their children to be the best that they could.
I am frequently asked "Why the whistles?" Whistles remind me of my Father. You have to read the story below to truly understand.

Anyway, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to download and print FREE plans to make your own wooden whistle.
wooden whistle
This was one of my Dad's favorite ditties (about whistles of course)
I had a wooden whistle, but it wooden whistle
I got a steel whistle and it steel wooden whistle
I got a tin whistle and now I tin whistle
-submitted by my Dad's favorite (and only)
grand-daughter, Karen
My Dad
Memories are what we are. Our memories guide our thoughts and decisions throughout our lives.

I remember a crystal radio which I received as a present when I was young. I don't remember whether I got it for Christmas, my birthday or for being good. I almost remember that it worked, but I'm not sure. But I remember my Dad and I sitting at the kitchen table putting it together. I remember him explaining to me how the radio worked and cautioning me to be very careful with the single transistor which we were mounting in the center of the piece of wood which was to be the radio. This was state-of-the-art technology. I remember that time spent with my Father, how excited he was about that new transistor technology, and maybe that happy memory is why I have always loved making things. And why I am always curious about how things work.

My Father was an engineer, always making and inventing new stuff. He could fix anything. But it wasn't making new gadgets, or repairing the percolator, or inventing a new way to cook hot-dogs that he enjoyed the most. He enjoyed making whistles. I think, actually, he most enjoyed watching my three sisters and me play with the whistles he made for us. Then later, he enjoyed watching his eight grandkids play with the whistles he made for them. For you see, his Dad had taught him how to make whistles....

Every time I hear a whistle, I think of my Dad.

This site is dedicated my Dad and to the sound of children blowing whistles.
Create some memories of your own. Make a wonderful memory-creator for Father's Day or for any holiday or just for fun.
Click here to download instructions to make your own wooden whistle. WoodenWhistle.pdf